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Flashback Arrestors and Bubblers

Please keep in mind that we are not the foremost experts on Hydrogen gas.
We are just sharing our experience with you.

Use of both a Flashback Arrestor and Bubbler is probably the safest method.

Flashback Arrestors:

Probably the most important part of any Hydrogen installation is the Flashback Arrestor.  If you don't have a good one, and I do mean good one then you are destine for trouble.
There are several types of commercial Flashback Arrestors on the market today available at most any welding supply store.  They are the type to use.

I am fully aware of people making Flashback Arrestor in brass tubes and packing them full of bronze wool.  We did this too, but learned the hard way that they cannot be trusted for everyday unattended use.
They will work (for a while)...  Then they will fail.  The bronze wool eventually burns through and then it is nothing more than a brass tube in the middle of your feeder line to you intake.
I have heard of some being made out of  PVC pipe...  The common sense meter reads ZERO on that idea and I hope that people are not trusting plastic Flashback Arrestors.

Please only use U/L approved Flashback Arrestors from welding supplies stores! 

Shown below are the inner workings of a U/L approved Flashback Arrestor
After viewing the pictures does anything else make sense?

Click on an image for larger view

U/L Approved Flashback Arrestors
flashback_Arresters.jpg (29156 bytes)
Inside View of Flashback Arrestor
fbdrawing1.jpg (10409 bytes)
As you can see bronze wool is not used anywhere.


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